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CC-2016 Modem Chassis (AC 115VAC)


The Data Connect CC2016 modem chassis is designed to house 16 DCE ST modem cards. The DCE CC2016 modem chassis is hardened industrial grade, 19” wide, 6.5” deep, and 5” high constructed of heavy gauge steel with plating for corrosion resistance. The DCE ST3342R-003-2, ST3342R-34-4, ST1442R-004-2, ST1442R-003-4, ST2400R-034-2, ST2400-030-4, ST2400R-037-4, and ST202TR-237-4 operate within the DCE cc2016 modem chassis. The built-in AC power supply auto ranges from 85 to 265VAC with a frequency range of 27 to 440Hz or 2 DC power supplies auto ranging from 36-75VDC and 18-36VDC respectively. All DCE CC2016 modem chassis configurations are designed for operation from -20ᵒC to +70ᵒC and offer a mean time between failure of 200,000 hours or 22.8 years.


16 modem slots
dial & leased line modems
V.22, Bell 202T, V.32bis, V.34bis
Hayes AT compatibility
Full array of LEDs
AC or DC power


EIA Standards:
compliant with EIA Standard EIA-310-C
Modem Interface:
Serial RS232: DB25F
Analog Port: RJ11
LEDs (Front):
(Top to Bottom)
MR: Modem Ready
TR: Terminal Ready
SD: Send Data
RD: Receive Data
OH: Off Hook
CD: Carrier Detect
AA: Auto Answer
HS: High Speed
Power Requirements (Rear):

Ac power: 115VAC-Model 1
230VAC-Model 3
DC power: 36-75VDC- Model 2
18-36VDC- Model 7

Width: 19”
Depth: 6.5”
Height: 5”

Operating Temperature: -20 ᵒC to +70ᵒC

Ordering Information

DCE/CC2016-01 19-in RM includes AC supply for operation on 115VAC
DCE/CC2016-03 19-in RM includes AC supply for operation on 230VAC
DCE/CC2016-02 19-in RM includes DC supply for operation on36-75VDC
DCE/CC2016-07 19-in RM includes DC supply for operation on18-36VDC